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To John: write simple introduction, noting the need/non-need for imports. Give references to more advanced forms of output such as Slang templates.

println and print are the simplest methods for output:

   println("Hello World!") // print with a newline to stdout

   print("a")   // print without a newline to stdout
   println(" all done with this line!")

produces the following output

  Hello World!
  abc all done with this line!

Both methods can take an arbitrary number of arguments:

  println("Hey there:","I'm over here.","Wait, I moved over here.")

produces the following output:

  Hey there:I'm over here.Wait, I moved over here.

Analogous commands eprintln and eprint are used to print to stderr. cprintln and cprint generalize printing to stdout and stderr accepting a boolean as the first argument that determines if output will be sent to stdout (false) or stderr (true).

To Do

To Robby: should we address the basic string interpolation in this section?